The Battle at the Armageddon is the last battle in both the Infinite War and the Rüstov War, involving the Rüstov and the Imagine Nation.


Starting in Empire City, Jack Blank had been infected completely by the Rüstov prince, Khalix.  However, Jack had been able to block Khalix's control over his body with Smart's and Trea's help by creating a nullifier to do this.  Still, everyone was shocked, but Jack proved his loyalty once again by taunting the Magus in front of everyone and rallying the entire city, supers and civilians alike, to face the Rüstov.  Jack also insisted that they should hurry to finish the war within an hour, since the nullifier could only hold so long before Khalix took over, unless Jack figured a way to seperate host from body.

The battle started, and Jack led his closest friends into the Armageddon for the final conflict between the aliens and the island.  Making their way through the ship, the Magus and Jack finally faced off on their own.  Jack finally convinced the Magus that Khalix was dead, though untrue, and in his wrath, the Magus tried to kill Jack.  Revile then intervened, saving Jack but dying in the process.  Revile's death helped Jack discover the relation between host and parasite, saving all those infected, save for Stendeval, the current host of the Magus.  With Khalix as ransom, the Magus finally surrendered Stendeval, and Skerren killed the Magus.


  • While the battle ended with the death of the Magus, Khalix is the only survivor of the Rüstov.
  • Revile's death is a part of the Imagine Nation's victory.