The Battle of Empire City is the last conflict during the First Rüstov Invasion and overlaps on the Rüstov's Infinite War and the Imagine Nation's Rüstov War.

History Edit

The First Rüstov Invasion happened at the capital of the Imagine Nation, Empire City, where most of the people of the floating island live. Despite having started here, the battle is the last one fought between the Rüstov and the people of the Imagine Nation at the end of the invasion.

Having been fighting for days, the battle started with Revile's arrival. Seemingly a soldier for the Rüstov, no super could defeat Revile, as each mortal attack only led him to regenerate and even become stronger on some occasions. The Rüstov were close to victory for this, and were trying to locate Khalix as well as Revile made much damage to the city. The battle, eventually, led to the Legendary Sacrifice, in which to prevent a bomb set off by Revile, Legend took the Rüstov supersoldier to the Rüstov mothership, ultimately ending the invasion and battle.