• Epicgamer 25

    I think these books are so good,that they will have to make a tv series or a movie about these three books.If you agree with me,repley to me.

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  • LoLoArt

    Jack Blank might be an underrated story as much as a character, but we fans of the trilogy know best about this character.  If anyone's read all three books, you all know that he'd make good friends with people like Percy Jackson and Harry Potter.  The reviews of the book aren't a lie either, maybe Luke Skywalker would love to pass some time with a kid like Jack, too.  But here's the thing: a lot of people who read the book either overlook it or hate it. I've seen why people sometimes overlook or hate the book, and it's all for the same reasons: character depth, story line, etc.  However, as fans, I believe that while we desire some more of everything, it was perfect just as it was.  Maybe it has to do with our loyalty to the story, or tha…

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