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Cognito is one of the six borough's of Imagine Nation. It is home to any superheroes and supervillians who wish to hide or stay in disguise. The Circleman of Cognito is Stendeval, the most powerful and loved superhero in Imagine Nation.

Information Edit

Cognito is surrouned by Machina to the north, Varagog Village to the south, and Seasonstill Park and Hero Square to the west.

The streets of Cognito change every day, making one building in a different place every day. A building may not be in the same place unless a decade or some more time passes. Only the residents know their way around Cognito, to their own homes. It is unclear whether or not Stendeval himself knows his way to anywhere other than his own home. The only reason the residents know their way around is that the Secreteers put a map of where their home is in the person's head, and also what time the borough is going to shift and switch streets and houses.

The houses of Cognito are all plain white buildings with windows randomly spaced throughout the sides of the homes. The buildings are all different shapes and sizes, but other than that there is no way of knowing the difference between homes. The only exception is the orange hand that is on the front door of Stendeval's home.

Many residents of Cognito are the Secreteers and the Mysterri, and they are the primary residents of the borough, though many superheroes and supervillians have their hideouts and secret lairs. Jack Blank himself lives in Cognito after Jazen is killed and Jack made the hero of Imagine Nation when he takes on Revile in The Accidental Hero.

Features Edit

Stendeval's House Edit

The home of the Circleman of Cognito stands out with an orange hand at the front door of his house. No one really knows how long he's been there, as it's stashed with many old objects from different time periods with no clear organization. The place is also one of the points in which students of the School of Thought take classes, or at least the entrance exams as Jack, Allegra, and Skerren did.

Jack's House Edit

Soon after made a celebrity hero, Jack couldn't take the overwhelming fame he'd gotten, not to mention the guilt he felt for not revealing his connection with Revile. Thus, Jack moves in to Cognito and is helped by Stendeval to make this change. He often has to offer written instructions to his friends whenever they come over. Jack also spends most of the time in his basement, using it as a lab for his own inventions.

Trivia Edit

  • The newspaper of Cognito is the Cipher. The Cipher can only be read if one solves a puzzle or riddle that is the only legible thing on the front page.