Galaxis is a borough built in Empire City, the capital of the Imagine Nation.  It's a mash of all the known aliens across the galaxy and universe, and serves as a space port for the aliens and humans. Prime is the current Circleman of Galaxis.

Information Edit

With Karateka to the north and Hero Square to the east, Galaxis is located to an edge of the entire island of the Imagine Nation.

With the most futuristic and geometric buildings, Galaxis houses all types of aliens from across the universe. A space port, it also serves for humans and aliens that come and leave the planet, and functions a lot as a facility for new aliens that want to form an alliance with Earth through the Imagine Nation.

Features Edit

Valorian Garrison Edit

Home to the remaining Valorians of the galaxy, including Prime and Allegra, the Valorian Garrison is, in many ways, also the capital of Galaxis, since this is were Prime lives. Most of the visiting aliens come from time to time here for business with the Circleman.

Space Port Edit

The only place in the entire Imagine Nation where humans can actually leave from the planet, it's a hub for aliens and humans alike to arrive on Earth as well as leave it. All kinds of space ships, no matter the shape and size, land and take off from here. Even ship fighters are stationed here when the Earth is in danger and allies come to help.

Trivia Edit

  • Valorians and Calculans are the only aliens mentioned by their race, though others are shown throughout the series.
  • Most of the buildings are described to be sphere or dome-shape, but Valorian Garrison is the one that stands out the most.
  • After Jack is taken over by the infection though still in control of himself, he destroys half of the Calculan ships and in part, the Space Port, forcing the Calculans to stay and fight along Earth against the Rüstov.
  • The Rüstov start the second invasion at Galaxis.
  • Jack is last seen leaving Earth at the Space Port along with his newfound father, Solomon Roka, by stealing the ship of the Calculan embassador.