Gravenmurk Glen is a sacred forest located in the Imagine Nation. It is visited by Jack Blank and his friends in the Secret War, the second installment of the Jack Blank Adventures trilogy.

History Edit

Gravenmurk Glen is almost as ancient as the floating island, and considered very sacred. Many people have died here as well as buried. Because of its importance, its thought that the forest is, in a way, alive. When the trees and plants are somehow disturbed by outsiders, beings made out of sticks, stones, and mud come to life, the Gravers. They rise and defend the forest by trying to bring their attackers into the ground with them, presumably to die as a punishment. The Gravers are the only known beings that live in the forest, other than Lorem Ipsum, briefly. On some occasions, it seems, the Clandestine Order of Secreteers organizes in this place to meet for important business.

Geography Edit

It's a large forest, mostly covered in fog with tall trees. A river runs through it, almost right through the center of the forest. Caves also decorate the place. Hidden somewhere is the secret prison of Jonas Smart, the former Circleman of Hightown, who when he has suspects that were sympathizers of the Rüstov, he would send them to the prison to be tortured for the information, mostly Mechas. Currently, the prison is abandoned, and the forest continues to hide it.