The Imagine Nation is a floating island and secret country that goes around the entire Earth. It is the origin of the seemingly impossible and home of Earth's super heroes, villains, and, while clearly out from this planet, aliens. It is also the home of Jack Blank and his friends.

History Edit

The Imagine Nation is presumed to date back to remote times, since the borough of Karateka is based on very remote Asian times, and even Varagog Village dates to the Medieval Times, particularly 1402. The secret country has evolved much with the addition of geniuses and clashes of culture from all over the world. The cultures also lead to the implementation of magic in some parts of the country, while the aliens bring in much of the advanced technology throughout the Imagine Nation.

Emissaries are the group of people that work for the secret country, going out into the Real World and leaving clues for the people who seem to have the potential to add on to the Imagine Nation. In rare cases, the emissaries will intervene themselves and bring in the person. At the end of it all, the only way to find and arrive to the Imagine Nation is for the person to believe in it wholeheartedly.

While the history of the Imagine Nation is long, of all the enemies the country has faced, the strongest and fiercest are the Rüstov. Twelve years prior to events of the series, the Rüstov Armada launched an invasion against the Imagine Nation, and almost winning the war with their supersoldier, Revile. Unbeknownst to the Rüstov, Revile was on his own personal mission to stop them all by killing his younger version, Jack. When Legend and Stendeval learn of this from Revile himself, Stendeval flees to save the baby, his friend committing the Legendary Sacrifice to finish off Revile and the Rüstov mothership, ending the invasion and saving the country, and with it, the planet. Fourteen years after the first Rüstov attack, the Rüstov launch a second invasion, and after much fighting among themselves, Jack leads the last fight against them, ultimately ending the war once and for all, saving the Imagine Nation and Earth, subsequently other worlds too.

Geography Edit

The Imagine Nation is a floating island, always floating all over the world. It houses a forest, Gravenmurk Glen, considered a sacred place for many of its citizens. There is also Mount Nevertop, the highest peak in the Imagine Nation. Orbiting around the island is a much smaller island, Wrekzaw Isle, a wasteland after the First Rüstov Invasion.

Top Places Edit