Karateka is one of the boroughs of Empire City. A mash culture of ancient and modern Asia, it holds the world's oldest and most recent styles of fighting. Chi is the Circleman of Karateka.

Information Edit

Karateka is surrounded by Hightown to the east and Galaxis to the south.

The borough is built with buildings both modern and retro look of the ancient looks of Asia. Symbols of all Asian languages announce businesses of all kinds. There are dark parts that some don't dare travel since it's controlled by supervillains, as in the case of the Ronin assassins. The most recognized people are the ZenClan ninjas, led by Chi himself. Many from all over travel to and from here in the Imagine Nation.

Features Edit

Chi's Dojo Edit

Chi's home is large enough to have a zen garden. Many of his followers both live and train here. It's assumed that he sometimes teaches class here, as seen in the Accidental Hero when he claims that Jack, Skerren, and Allegra passed their entrance exams to the School of Thought by learning to work together. He uses the garden as an example to prove the importance of working together.

Trivia Edit

  • It's assumed that Zhi lives in Karateka, though it's never shown where.
  • The Chinese and Japanese are the most culturally referenced in the books, though the borough is described to have a range of all of the Asian cultures.