The Legendary Sacrifice is the final battle of the First Rüstov Invasion during the Infinite War (Rüstov-view,) and the Rüstov War (Imagine Nation-view.)

History Edit

Nearing the end of the First Rüstov Invasion, Revile had arrived to the scene in Empire City. In the thick of battle, Stendeval and Legend discovered that Revile was looking for a baby and kill him. In trying to stop the Rüstov supersoldier, Revile finally gave in well enough to confront Stendeval and Legend verbally, where the two heroes discover that Revile is from the future, as well as the future self of the baby. The baby would be known as Jack Blank but then captured by the Rüstov to turn him into Revile. He also reveals he's returned to prevent that and the end of both Earth and other planets the Rüstov would attack. Though surprised, the two heroes refused the idea and kept defending the baby and confronting Revile.

In end the, Legend intervened by sending Stendeval to leave the Imagine Nation to protect the baby. While not liking the idea, Stendeval took baby Jack. While they escaped the city, Legend and Revile faced off. With the Rüstov supersoldier realizing his baby-self was being taken out of the country, Revile risked detonating a bomb to destroy himself and all of the city before Jack was out of the city limits. Seeing this, Legend took the supersoldier to the Rüstov mothership, just in time to stop the rest of invasion and Revile. While unbeknownst to everyone, Revile wasn't able to reform and appeared dead, Wrekzaw Isle was formed in the disaster that followed after the mothership was destroyed, and Legend died for everyone's sake, thus ending the First Rüstov Invasion.