Machina is one of the six boroughs that make up Empire City. Most of the citizens in the borough are androids known as Mechas, so the borough isn't really built for humans, locally known as bi-orgs. The Circlewoman of Machina is Virtua, the only woman in the Inner Circle.

Information Edit

Machina is surrounded by Hightown to the east and Cognito to the south.

Being a city for Mechas, there are charging stations rather than restaurants and hotels, better suited for the lifestyle of the Mechas. It's also filled with places with which to hook up to C-Space. Humans do come here, while not necessarily to live but rather hook themselves up to C-Space and visit any of the Mechas that don't have an android, much like the Circlewoman of Machina herself, though she project herself through a little Mecha called Projo.

Like Hightown and Galaxis, Machina has a futuristic and sleek design overall. Like it's east neighbor, it consists of many skyscrapers and MagLev roads to get around. The roads are what keep Mechas wary though, as they are magnetic and stepping on the wrong place might have the Mechas stuck for a couple of hours on the road as they wait for someone to turn off the magnetism on the roads to get them.

Features Edit

Virtua's Data Center Edit

Not necessarily her home, it's a place where both Mechas and bi-orgs come to hook themselves up to C-Space like many other places in Machina. However, this particular building grants direct access to Virtua's actual home, which is in C-Space.

Trivia Edit

  • Virtua's home is only featured in the Accidental Hero and the End of Infinity.
  • It was target of persecutions for many years by the Peacemakers some years prior to the events of the book.
  • While Jazen Knight comes from Machina, he was shown to live in Hightown in the first book, though it's unclear where he lives now by the conclusion of the series.
  • There is a wall that surrounds Machina when Virtua learns of the spyware virus, built to keep the infected Mechas unbeknownst to the country, save for Stendeval and Jack.