The Melee at Mount Nevertop is a battle held between some Rüstov Left-Behinds and some of the School of Thought students on the fourth day of the five-day deadline that might've led to a second Rüstov invasion. It is considered to be a part of the Rüstov War.

History Edit

Jack was sure that he finally had discovered the cure code, even if one day before the probable invasion had started. However, when Midknight and Noteworthy come to him for help about something they had discovered, Jack understood that the Rüstov were planning to use Smart's latest invention, the SmarterNet, to spread the spyware virus, and thus start the second invasion. Jack tries to warn the Inner Circle, but they were too focused on helping control Machina and doubted him, and they sent him home. Jack then turns to Hypnova, his last ally, and they both follow a clue from the Rogue Secreteer, Obscuro, and travel to Mount Nevertop for answers. There, they discover the location of the SmarterNet and is revealed to them that Obscuro was actually infected by a Rüstov spy by the name of Glave.

Hypnova faced Glave while Jack, with the help of the Mysterii, try to destroy the nullifiers placed throughout the SmarterNet so that Jack can use his powers and fight against some Rüstov Left-Behinds. Jack, in the meanwhile, also managed to communicate with his friends and asked them to bring the prototype he'd been trying to use the cure code on to the mountain. Some time later, with only a nullifier left, the rest of Jack's friends, who are a part of the School of Thought, appeared to help him, and were still a bit shocked when they discovered that the prototype was Jazen Knight revived. Together, they destroy the last nullifier, and Jack installs the cure code from Jazen into the SmarterNet, saving the Mechas and machines, of the world. Glave was left for dead, a victory for Hypnova. Time later, the Inner Circle appears to the damage in Mount Nevertop, and are explained of what happened, along with Jack confessing his connection with Revile. No sooner afterwards, Glave proved to still be alive and knocked everyone out, still managing to capture Jack to take him to Rüst, the Rüstov throneworld.

Trivia Edit

  • It's the only fight in which any Mysterii are seen participating with anyone outside the Clandestine Order.
  • Most of the combatants are children, and all of them a part of the School of Thought.
  • It's in this battle that Jack finally learns he's infected by the Rüstov prince, Khalix.
  • The name of the fight is the title of a chapter in the Secret War.
  • It is the first and only time that Jack visits the SmarterNet.