The SmarterNet is surveillance system built to watch through whatever piece of technology in the planet. It can broadcast any type of signal and is only limited by its users. It's first mentioned in the Secret War.

History Edit

Creation and start-up Edit

A year after Jack's victory over Revile, Smart began to build a secret invention by wasting his entire wealth on it to prove that Jack was a spy and make sure that the Rüstov weren't on Earth. When Smart intercepted a Rüstov communication, he also reveals that he's been working on the SmarterNet, his latest invention, though doesn't reveal where it is or how it works. Despite being shut down from revealing the five-day threat of the Rüstov, a Secreteer by the name of Obscuro reveals this and puts his secrets to sell. Eventually, Smart comes into contact with him, and unbeknownst to him and everyone else, Obscuro was already a Rüstov by the name of Glave, and in exchange for Jack's secrets, Glave got the codes to the SmarterNet. A day ahead of the threat, the SmarterNet went live, and through Glave, the Rüstov started to spread the spyware virus that provoked chaos in Machina. Smart wasn't aware of this, and with Hypnova's help, Jack discover the position of the SmarterNet and stop Glave from advancing the spread of the virus. Jack's friends arrive in time with the cure code and install it into the SmarterNet to save Machina, and the world as well.

Salvation of the Imagine Nation Edit

A year after, the SmarterNet proves further help as Jack makes a plan to keep the citizens of the Imagine Nation save during the final fight against the Rüstov. Before letting the infection take over, Jack sends Jazen Knight, Lorem Ipsum, and Virtua to the SmarterNet and install the Ghost Box that makes the island pass-through and untouchable to Rüstov attacks.

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Trivia Edit

  • Jack had accidentally destroyed the final pieces five days prior to the possible second Rüstov invasion.
  • The SmarterNet is large enough to walk on, almost a building.
  • It is hidden with an invisibility cloak and built at the side of Mount Nevertop.
  • Because most don't like Smart, it's an irony the invention helped save the Imagine Nation twice.
  • It is where the Melee at Mount Nevertop occurs.