The End of Infinity is the final book in the Jack Blank Adventures trilogy. The book follows Jack's final face-off with the Rüstov and even some of the citizens of the Imagine Nation.

Dedication Edit

"For my dad, a real-life superhero."

Plot Edit

"All his life, people have told Jack Blank what his future holds. He hasn't always liked what they've had to say, but at times he's wondered if they were right.

As the Imagine Nation's final battle with the Rüstov draws near, Jack and his friends will each need their unique powers and abilities to help win the war. But are they prepared to use those powers against the most terrifying and dangerous enemy of all - the one inside Jack?

The time has come for Jack to choose his path and discover for himself whether he will become the hero that the Imagine Nation - and the world - needs him to be, or the cause of its total destruction.

Matt Myklusch brings the action-packed Jack Blank adventure trilogy to a heart-pounding, surprising and wholly satisfying conclusion."

Characters Edit