The Hall of Records is a place situated underneath the main island of the Imagine Nation and serves as a checkpoint for new, departing, and returning citizens of the island.

Overview Edit

A building built into the side underneath the Imagine Nation, the Hall of Records has plenty of levels though not divided by floors. It is visited by humans, super humans, aliens, Mechas, and any other kind of creature considered to live or depart from the Imagine Nation. It has different rows for which to be attended for a variety of reasons.

History Edit

It's unknown when or how the Hall of Records was built or if anyone actually leads it.

Twelve years prior to the events of the story, and more, the Hall of Records was opened to everyone and anyone around the world and beyond. Teeming with all types of life, it approved of most new citizens arriving, and as usual, worked on the returning and departing ones. However, when the Rüstov invaded, the Hall of Records was closed during the fight. Following the death of Legend and Stendeval's disappearance, emissaries were discouraged to bring anyone to the island, and so the purpose of the Hall of Records was reduced to just dealing with returning and departing citizens, though at the time mostly nothing.

Jack's arrival caused much confusion, as he was suspected of being a returning citizen rather than a new one. Once his blood was registered into the system, it was confirmed that he was in fact returning, but also reveals that he is infected, though not yet of Khalix in particular. Separated from the crowd after mass hysteria, Jazen and Blue defend Jack in private offices in the Hall of Records. After much debate, they manage to convince Smart that Jack be allowed to live and that his fate be decided by all of the Inner Circle.

Features Edit

New Citizens Edit

One of the many "departments" in the Hall of Records include the New Citizens. As of lately, no one makes a line there until Jack came along, even though he was soon revealed to be a returning citizen.

Trivia Edit

  • The Hall of Records makes its only appearance in the Accidental Hero, though mentioned in the End of Infinity.
  • The Hall of Records is at least five stories tall, undivided by a lack of doors, instead, serving as more windows in the middle of the air with any creature with the ability to fly waiting in line.
  • Giants are mentioned and shown int he Hall of Records.