The Secret War is the second book in the Jack Blank Adventures trilogy written by Matt Myklusch. The book follows Jack a year after his arrival to the Imagine Nation, and his life as a celebrity hero.


"For Jack, who makes every day an adventure."


"Jack Blank is living the dream as a celebrity superhero in-training in the Imagine Nation. Unfortunately, Jack's dream has a nightmare under the surface - a shocking connection to the enemy super-soldier Revile, and a deadly Rüstov plot he can't tell anyone about...not even his closest friends.

When the heroes of the Imagine Nation discover that an attack by Rüstov sleeper agents is imminent, Jack is forced to trust his friends in a race against the clock to fight back mass hysteria, find the enemy spies, and thwart the Rüstov plan in time to prevent a devastating invasion.

All the fast-paced twists and turns, thrills, and suspense from The Accidental Hero are back in this second book in the action-packed trilogy from author Matt Myklusch."

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