Varagog Village is a borough of the six in Empire City.  Stuck in time, in 1402, it's the only place relatively ancient in all of the Imagine Nation, save for the island itself.  Hovarth is the current Circleman and King of the village.

Information Edit

With Hero Square to the west and Cognito to the north, Varagog Village lies on the edge of the entire island.

Unlike the rest of the capital, Varagog Village is surrounded by a stone wall that separates the machines of the rest of the city. A superstitious place, not one citizen of the borough trusts in machines, as they do everything in the medieval way. Home to most of the magic both in the Imagine Nation and the world, Varagog Village communicates through magical devices, such as magic mirrors and other means of magic communication.

Being medieval, it's been stuck in the year 1402, and with the exception of its citizens, the entire borough goes through each season identical to the one before. It rains and snows the exact same time of the year, crops and plants grow and die the same way, all a repetitive pattern that the citizens seem to enjoy.

Features Edit

Main Square Edit

The center of the borough, most of the action occurs in the main plaza of Varagog Village, which include news, honorary representations, and even public executions. It makes an appearance in the Secret War and the End of Infinity.

Harbor Edit

Like the space port of Galaxis, the harbor at Varagog Village serves for a gateway in and out of the Imagine Nation, though mostly for pirates and merchants.

Trivia Edit

  • Seeing as Hovarth took Skerren in at a young age and is his protege and has no son, it's assumed Skerren is next in line for the throne of Varagog Village as well as the next Circleman of the borough.
  • Hypnova lived at the harbor as a Secreteer. Whether she still lives in Varagog Village is unknown.
  • In the End of Infinity, Jack was about to be publicly executed at the main square by Skerren.